Member & Employer FAQs

We all find it difficult to use new things - feeling stuck and need some help? Below are some helpful FAQs to get you moving forwards!


How do I search vacancies?

You don’t need to have an account to search opportunities. Simply select the Opportunities button from the menu bar and choose your area of interest or select All Opportunities. 

By creating an account, you will be able to favourite opportunities to find quickly at a later date, apply online with pre-populated profile information (and keep a record of your application for reference!) and contact employers with further questions.

How do I export my CV?

You can create and update your CV in the Profile section.

If you ever need a copy of your CV, you need to go to your Profile > CV > Options and select the drop down ‘Download CV’ – this will export your current details into a handy editable word document.

I can’t access my account?

If you have forgotten your login details, don’t worry! You will be directed to a password prompt and you can request an email reset!

If you are still experiencing difficulties contact us and we will help you get back on your feet.  

Employers and Organisation admins

How do I sign up my organisation?

To create an organisation and start advertising job opportunities you first you need to sign up as an individual – more information how to sign up is here. One you have done that you will be able to register your organisation by going to ‘Organisations’ and selecting ‘Register my Organisation’ at the bottom of the page.

Complete your company profile and submit Request Approval. As soon as the Opportunities D2N2 team confirm your request you will be able to start posting opportunities.

How do I advertise opportunities?

You will need to be an admininstrator of your organisation in order to post job vacancies. The creator of an organisation will automatically be assigned as an administrator for that company. To add new administrators to the organisation’s team, an exisitng administrator can add you to the organisation’s profile by going to My Organisation > View > Contacts > Invite New Admin. 

To post a new job advert go to Organisations > My Organisations. Here you can select the organisation you would like to view and go to Opportunities > New Opportunity to complete the provided form.  

For quick and easy listing you can also clone previous job adverts and update the information to your latest vacancy! 

Still having problems?

If you have any difficulties while using employed.im please do not hesitate to get in touch here.